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Wednesday Feb 28, 2024

An Introduction to Business Travel and Luggage

In this day and age, travel has become a very common thing for people to do. Before we had airplanes or cell phones, business was limited to the city or town in which people lived, unless they took a bus or drove to the location. Now, all we have to do is save up a few hundred dollars, go online, make an account with any airline and book a flight for the dates required. For this reason, in this article we will discuss business travel and provide some helpful trips if you’re a constant traveler.

Business Traveling

Some people work in jobs where their everyday schedules don’t change, and they work out of their office every day, for years. On the other hand, some jobs require certain people in the company to travel on a constant basis, so much so, that some managers spend more time traveling than being at home. So what are some things you can do to make your travels better and to give you an edge on your luggage with things like

  • Have your go-to bag
  • Always pack light, taking less than you will need
  • Carry clothes that are darker in color
  • Carry your dress shirts in those plastic dry cleaner bags
  • Weight your bags before you board
  • Make sure everything is charged, BEFORE you leave
  • Get some rewards cards
  • Create an “unwinding” checklist

By having one go-to luggage item, you won’ have to worry about carrying five different bags for different types of clothing. Try to keep your bag count to two, your main suitcase, and your backpack or bag as a carry-on. This will ensure you never pay extra for weight, and will make you pack lighter, be more organized, and worry less about losing items. If you pack darker colors, you will have to worry less about wrinkles and stains, and if you have to do laundry while on your business trip, you can throw everything into one washer. To prevent wrinkles on your business apparel, buy some of those plastic bags from the dry cleaners that will not only keep your clothes dry, but also clean and wrinkle-free. You should also invest in a luggage scale so that you can weight your items before getting to the airport, charge all of your electronics, and sign up for travel rewards.

To conclude, in this article we discussed what business traveling is and why some people do it. In order to make it more efficient, we listed a few tips to consider prior to boarding. After you reach your destination, make sure to create an unwinding checklist because jet lag can affect your business travel negatively. Get in the pool or the jacuzzi at the hotel, get something to eat, read a book, meditate, review your business material, and wait for the next day to crush it in whatever it is you need to do.

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