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Friday Apr 19, 2024

Top 9 Insta friendly restaurants in Kolkata

Kolkata has rightfully earned its tag as the ‘City of Joy.’ Every road in Kolkata has at least one eatery, be it a quaint cafe, a tiny tea kiosk or a restaurant for fine dining purposes to appease its local and international visitors. While there are several tourist attractions in this city of joy that amalgamate history, architecture, modernity and religions together, Kolkata has also held its name as an eminent food spot for youngsters.

Youngsters love cafes that have beautiful decor from within. After all, an Instagram upload at the end of the day is mandatory to beat the rest in the competition. And while there are several eateries in Kolkata, some are worthy Instagram spots where you can both dine and click selfies for a quick upload. Before we brief you on the best Insta friendly restaurants in Kolkata, book hotels online to be able to trace these locations without any fuss. Now let’s begin with some of the aesthetic Instagram-worthy restaurants that you must pay a visit to.


OCTA is the newest addition to the upscale plush restaurants on Park Street. It is a beautifully decorated place that has an exclusively curated menu for its guests. The whole area of 4000 square feet has been divided into two levels, one being a bar and the other a co-working space. The lighting is sophisticated and the interiors are designed intricately. Some of the dishes which are a must-try here are Truffle Miso Soup and Japanese Caesar Salad. You can also try their Sushi, considered the finest in the city. Besides, OCTA also serves exclusive cocktails and desserts that will leave you craving for more.

Peter Cat, Park Street

Peter Cat houses some of the best cuisines in Kolkata and is an indispensable one. This iconic place boasts elite decor and fabulous cuisine with selectively curated delicacies. Chelo Kebabs are the best-selling dish on their menu and the taste simply justifies the hype. The Chelo Kebabs are served with a generous portion of hot buttered rice along with a vivid sunny-side-up egg. Besides, the Chicken Steak Sizzler curated with soft and delicious meat is also a dish to yearn for. Peter Cat is mostly crowded in the afternoon and is a perfect place to suit your aesthetics for Instagram.

Wabi Sabi, Southern Avenue

Wabi-Sabi in Southern Avenue is an Asian restaurant with thoughtfully designed interiors. The ambience is well-curated with mesmerising colours and has a little waterfall on the interiors. The wooden furniture adorns the place and adds to the ethnicity of this restaurant. As soon as you enter Wabi Sabi, you will be astonished at how well the place has been decorated from within. Wabi-Sabi is a great place to chill with friends on weekends. You can try their speciality dishes such as Zucchini Wrap, Pesto Sandwich and Stuffed Mushrooms. Besides, you can also try their drinks while admiring the beauty of the location simultaneously.

Fusion Fantasea, Southern Avenue

Fusion Fantasea has emerged as a favourite among the youngsters for being a perfect Instagram-worthy venue that also serves good quality food. Located in a quaint alley of Southern Avenue, this place is famous for its steaming Bamboo Mutton Biryani. The interiors have a moderately lit space with amazing hospitality and boast beach-themed decor. Complimenting this unique decor, this place serves lip-smacking seafood for all the seafood enthusiasts. From jumbo prawns to oyster dishes, Fusion Fantasea is a perfect place where you can enjoy a tropical feeling within the interiors of a restaurant. You can try their Squid Koliwada, Fish Chettinad and their speciality, the Shahi Kheer on your visit.

Kaidi Kitchen, Camac Street

This is one of the most uniquely themed restaurants in Kolkata. It gives you the feeling of a prisoner (kaidi) on its interior. The interior is brilliantly designed with dull coloured bricks and iron bars to give that eccentric feeling of being in jail. The restaurant is perfect for an interesting backdrop to your Instagram feed. The cuisines here range from Mughlai, North Indian to Mexican and the dishes are concocted by expert chefs and will leave you asking for more with every bite.

Snacking, Lake Gardens

Snacking is a quiet, laid-back eatery that is way more than a restaurant. It has a thoughtfully curated menu, complemented with soothing interiors, books, soft music and board games. I had heard a lot about this place and wanted to visit it for a long time. So we decided to visit Snacking for evening refreshment and opted for the outdoor seating on reach. The outdoor seating at Snacking is also well embellished and is perfect for Instagram uploads. We got ourselves a cup of hot latte and a bowl of creamy Mac N Cheese and we absolutely loved the taste of the food. Apart from this, you can also try their specialities such as Mexican Chicken Platter, Salami Pizza and Iced Peach Tea.

Piccadilly Square, Elgin Road

Piccadilly Square is an intricately designed restaurant that is ideal for a perfect Instagram post.  Located in a quiet corner of Elgin Road, this place is frequently visited by youngsters on weekends. Some of the best dishes to have here are Crepe, Pita Sandwich and Banana Pancakes. Piccadilly Square also has a range of thin-crust pizzas to choose from and you can order them to have a good me-time with pizzas.


Blue Mug, Lake Gardens

Blue Mug- Coffee and Thoughts is a go-to place if good food with aesthetic seating is what you are looking for. It serves some of the best pizzas and Mexican meals in town. You can try their signature dishes like Kitkat Shake, American Double Espresso, Barbeque Chicken Pizza and sizzling hot brownie with Vanilla ice cream and Chocolate Syrup. It is an aesthetically pleasing cafe and has thoughtful lighting and colourful kettles adorning the ceiling. The outdoor area is engulfed with lush plants and also has a swing where you can sit and enjoy these delectable items.

Sly Fox Gastro Club, Salt Lake

Sly Fox Gastro Club is an ideal place for an intimate dinner amidst subdued lighting. Located in the busiest sector of Salt Lake, it is a baroque-style restaurant that serves lip-smacking delicacies. The chic decor along with lively background music will surely lift your mood after a tiring week. Some of its fast-selling delicacies include Grilled Fish Steak, Chicken Ravioli and Meat Lovers Pizza. The place boasts amazing catering and hospitality services and therefore, is considered to be the finest Insta friendly restaurant in Kolkata.


Here’s hoping that this list has been useful on your quest for some aesthetic cafes in the City of Joy. If yes, then what are you waiting for? Head to these destinations and try their amazing delicacies and yes, do not forget to take Insta snaps for a quick upload.



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