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Friday Apr 19, 2024

Stop Wasting your Vacation Time Renting Adventure Gear

Frustrated by the hours you spend trying to book gear for your next ski, bike or paddle vacation?  You’re not alone.  Adventure gear rental may be the last holdout to the information superhighway known as the internet.  Luckily, is here to solve your woes and give you your vacation time back.

Why allows you to:

  • Discover top adventure destinations
  • Compare rental pricing at the best shops
  • Rent the adventure gear you need all on one website

No more searching for and contacting shops, checking gear availability, booking over the phone, waiting for bikes, skis and kayaks to be prepared, and tedious waiver processes.  Instead, compare rental pricing at the best shops in over 50 key destinations like Aspen, Moab or Tahoe, and book your gear online quickly and easily.  The equipment will be waiting for you at the outfitter, getting you to your adventure faster.

Need another reason to book online?  Renting online in advance can save you money.  Many outfitters offer online reservation rates that are better than walk-in rates.  This helps shop manage their inventory and guarantees availability. also has exclusive online discounts for many of their shops.

Save Money on Rentals is the only site where you can compare rental prices at the best shops in key adventure destinations.  Their pricing comparison tools allow you to:

  • See shop locations
  • View shop ratings
  • Compare prices before you book

Prices between shops can vary by as much as 70%, so this helpful tool can help you save a ton of money.

Top Destinations offers gear rentals in 50+ outdoor adventure destinations.  You won’t find museum visits or city walking tours here, but you will find bikes, skis, snowboards, snowshoes, kayaks, SUPs, canoes and rafts.  Ski the slopes in top destinations like Park City, Breckenridge, Whistler, and many more.  Mountain bike world-renowned singletrack in locales including Moab, Crested Butte and Bend.  Paddle the clear waters of Lake Tahoe, raft the rushing Arkansas River in Salida, CO or float the infamous Colorado River in Moab.  Their adventure list is growing quickly, and TripOutside makes it unbelievably easy to plan your next adventure.

How was Born

TripOutside was founded by Julie & Reet Singh out of a shared enthusiasm for outdoor adventure and travel.  Julie & Reet are passionate about exploring the world on their bikes, kayaks and snowboards. After many frustrating experiences wasting valuable vacation time trying to rent outdoor equipment, they decided to leave their corporate careers and start  TripOutside is a fully mobile company – Julie & Reet started the company while exploring the country in their RV with their cat Juke.  They continue to travel to the best adventure destinations to curate new experiences for their customers.


Renting adventure gear no longer needs to be archaic and time consuming.  Maximize your vacation, save money on gear rentals, and find inspiration in over 50 destinations on



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