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Friday Apr 19, 2024

5 Tips to Extend Your Paddle Board’s Lifespan

Owning a paddle-board is common in America, but how many of you know that a well-maintained and well-built paddle-board can last for a decade.

It seems strange, but that’s true! There are SUP owners across the country who switches paddle boards more often. Numerous reasons contribute to the short lifespan of your sup board. Interestingly, some DIY hacks can help you extend its lifespan and utilize it for a few more years.

Below listed are the five must-to-follow tips that will extend your paddle boards’ life.

Wash with Water after Every Use:

During surfing, your board stays in contact with seawater. Seawater contains salt that can damage your paddle-board quickly. So, you must always clean it after every use. Adding paddle-board cleaning to your habit is good to extend its lifespan and continue using one board for years.

Protect Paddle Board From Sun:

Most of you would wonder sup are made to enjoy during summer; hence this point doesn’t make any sense. However, boards are affected by sand and asphalt. During summer, asphalt can reach up to 50-degree Celsius, causing harm to your skin as well as paddle-board. Laying your sup board on extensive heat can cause delamination, which starts damaging its surface and decline its life.

Use Good Quality Electric Pump:

Investing in a high-quality sup pump is good, but you must buy the right and high-end electric pump as well. A fully-featured inflator will tackle the over-inflation issue as it includes an auto switch-off sensor. High-end electric pumps are integrated with an inbuilt pressure gauge that helps you keep an eye on the PSI unit inflated in the board.

Inspect Paddle Board Regularly:

Regular inspection of a paddle-board is a must to encounter any holes and dings. If encountered, you must visit a SUP professional and get it repaired immediately. Neglecting minor issues can develop big troubles for your stand-up paddle-board.

Always Have a Paddle Board Carrying Bag:

Owning your favorite paddle-board brings huge responsibility, and that’s the reason you must always carry it in a custom storage bag. Most of the boards come with a carrying bag, making it easy to hold them and carry them anywhere you want. If you aren’t provided with a carry bag, you can order it separately and ensure your paddle-boards complete safety.

Store in Normal Temperature [Additional TIP]:

It’s highly recommended to store your paddle-board in a place that doesn’t witness temperature fluctuation. Temperature fluctuation can attack the board’s surface and cause frequent expansion & contraction. I prefer storing your sup board in your cupboard, which is safe from direct heat and high temperature.

The market is flooded with numerous buying options. Outdoormaster is one of the best brands to choose a perfect-fit and highly featured sup pump. The brand also bestows other outdoor accessories that help you ease during an adventure or outing.

So, these are some crucial yet effective tips that will definitely increase the life of your stand-up paddle-board. What other tactics can help in extending its life? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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