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Friday Apr 19, 2024

Is A Vacation Home Rental Better Than Staying At A Resort?

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Vacation home rentals are becoming quite popular with families and independent travelers alike. In fact, for a family, a vacation rental is the best option to get more bang for your buck. That is because of the numerous advantages offered by vacation home rentals. It will almost always get you more space at a lower price compared to a resort hotel. That is why you should consider renting a vacation home for your next trip. If you want to feel like a local on your next vacation, the best way to do that is to rent a vacation home. This article answers the question of – “Is renting a vacation home better than staying at a resort?”

Most travelers imagine beach houses when they think of vacation rentals. But this is not the case in this day and age. But beach homes are only one segment of the ever-growing vacation home rental industry. In fact, you have a wide range of choices today when it comes to choosing a vacation rental. You can choose between an apartment in Paris or a penthouse in Sydney or a villa in Tuscany or a villa in Bali. No matter the type of home, if you can imagine it, you have the chances of renting the home. A vacation rental will give you more space almost in all cases. On average, a vacation rental will give you at least 1,300 square feet to unwind and enjoy your vacation. On the other hand, a resort hotel will just have 500-700 square feet. Vacation rentals are cheaper than resorts most of the time. For instance, you should factor in the cost of eating out three times a day when you reserve a resort hotel versus the fully-equipped kitchen you get when you rent out a vacation home. The overall cost of a vacation home is going to be much less than a resort 90% of the time. That is why more and more travelers are hunting for vacation home rentals for their next trip abroad.

You will have more privacy in vacation rentals compared to a resort. On the other hand, if the vacation home is part of a bigger complex, you will have access to privileges such as tennis, golf, and concierge service. Not all vacation home rentals are created equal. If you reserve a small or private home, you may not have the same amenities as when staying at a home that is a part of a larger complex. A single-family home may not have facilities such as room service, maid service, concierge service, and in-house restaurants. That is why you need to choose the right vacation home depending on your family requirements and budget. A beach home might have rigid check-in and check-out dates compared to resort hotels. You may not get any special perks like baby equipment, beach chairs, and bikes. Most of the time, you may have to bring your own equipment or rent out them from a supplier in the area. That is why you should be considering all these advantages and disadvantages when renting the best vacation home in the area.

There are no hidden charges when you reserve a vacation home. In fact, you will be directly dealing with the owner of the vacation home. That way you know exactly what your stay will cost and what it includes. You won’t find any surprised parking, pool towels, bottle charges, and internet fees in a vacation home. You have much more freedom in a vacation home compared to a resort hotel. In fact, you don’t have to conform to any schedule for meals, fitness facilities, and housekeeping, etc. You can get out of bed whenever you like. You can use the gym or swim at any time you prefer. But this is not always the case when you stay at a resort hotel. You have to conform to their schedule most of the time. Another advantage of staying in a vacation home is that your pet is welcome most of the time. You can find hundreds of vacation homes that have a pet-friendly policy. But it might be very difficult to find a resort hotel that allows pets. Even if you are able to find a resort that permits pets, pet rooms may cost more and are located in less desirable parts of the building.

You will get the same comforts as staying in your own home when you book a vacation rental. Vacation homes are just like your own home. In fact, you will usually find all the things that you find in your home in a vacation rental. Your stay will become more comfortable with these types of amenities. Today, you can easily find vacation homes with the latest game consoles, gourmet kitchens, large screen TVs with hundreds of channels, luxury linens, and many other attractions.

Vacation home rentals are more economical and practical for families and large groups of travelers. A large group will have to pay for more than one hotel room if they choose to stay at a resort hotel. Hence, a vacation home is a more viable and economical option for such travelers. In fact, a vacation home will let the vacationers strike a compromise between intimacy and privacy. They can enjoy meals together in the communal kitchen while maintaining their privacy at other times. Parents don’t have to get their kids dressed in order to go down for breakfast or lunch in a hotel.

A traveler who wants to feel as a local during his or her next vacation should opt for a vacation home. It gives you the opportunity to blend into the local culture of the vacation destination. In fact, most of the vacation rentals are located in residential neighborhoods. In case you want to really feel like the locals, you should always opt for a vacation home rental for your next trip.

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