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Friday Apr 19, 2024

The best time to visit Bali

Do you know why Bali is so famous?

Bali is the top destination in Asia, and it has a Hindu population in the majority than Muslims and Christians. Bali is popular for its famous surfing destination in Southeast Asia.

Many people wonder when the best time to visit Bali is?

The right answer depends upon what you are after.

Want to see Bali at its best and in its busiest season than chose the dry season. To avoid hiked up prices and a lot of crowds, visit Bali in off-peak season.

Flights to Bali:

Thanks to the fantastic range of flights fly into Bali is so convenient and affordable. All the international flights to Bali land at Ngurah Rai International Airport that is also known as Denpasar airport. According to the busy seasons in Bali, the flight prices fluctuate, but Cathay Pacific always offers reasonable flight charges with quality services and on-time arrivals and departures.

Perfect time to visit Bali:

Basically Bali has two seasons, rainy and dry, but usually, the weather is humid and warm throughout the year with a temperature range of 75 to 86F. Let’s look at the month by month guide to Bali:


It is the wettest month of Bali, and you can experience maximum rain this month. You can enjoy fantastic surfing, Bali’s waterfalls, and hot water springs in this season.


It has hot, humid days with rain showers. You can enjoy Bali’s water parks for outdoor activities, and indoor excitements visit the Bounce Bali Trampoline center. February is the beginning of Chinese New Year, so you can also enjoy festivities at Buddhist and Chinese temples with lion and dragon dance and acrobats.


This is the month with higher humidity and rising temperature. You can witness Bali’s silent day (Nyepi) in early March, and it is the most sacred holiday in Bali.


Wet season comes to an end in April. It is the month great for snorkeling and diving as tourist season starts from now.


It is the hottest month of Bali that provides great sightseeing, fun at beach resorts, and a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean.


June serves beautifully warm temperature and constant shine, that is why it is the best (not the peak time) time to visit Bali. Windy season with sweat-free nights and pleasant days is the start of the Bali Arts Festival.


Cool breeze, warm weather, and low humidity make it an ideal time for day trips with kids. July is a big month for festivals like The Bali Kite festival and The Makepung Buffalo race in Bali.


It is the sunniest month in Bali, and most of the activities bound near the beaches and snorkeling are the best activity during August.


Clear skies, plenty of sunshine, and less crowded Bali what a combination. Enjoy white water rafting trip, visit rice paddies dotted with Hindu shrines, temples, and green rainforest is a superb combination.


The wet season officially starts in October, and the weather remains hot. This is the month of Cultural performances, sporting events, and art exhibitions in Bali.


The temperature gets more hot and wet season in full swing, and tourist activities get too limited.


To celebrate Christmas and New Year in Bali, it is the month people wait for. This is the month to enjoy Bali’s busy nightlife.

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