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Thursday Feb 22, 2024

4 things to Do When Moving to a Different State  

Moving can be — OK, it is stressful. The checklist seems to go on forever. When moving a long distance, moving trucks can get expensive. You have so many things to get done that overlooking some important details is easy. Here are some things that you don’t want to forget when moving across the country:


Think About the Large Items You Own

Big item such as furniture can be awkward to pile into a moving truck. Televisions, vintage chairs and breakable items need special care. This might mean you want to hire a professional moving crew or even do the job yourself. It might give you peace of mind to rent a U-Haul and pack the items yourself. Do whatever works best, but just make sure you are considering the fragile items and larger items.

A very large item to consider in your move is your car or other vehicles. You have to get them to your new location somehow. You might not be able to or want to drive them to the new area. A solution to this is enclosed auto transport. Enclosed auto transport is stress-free and allows your vehicle to be delivered in perfect condition. Now you can just fly to your new home.


Pay Attention to Materials You Will Need to Move

Packing materials can make moving far more expensive than anticipated. So pay attention to places that give out free boxes, etc., before moving. If you know you are moving soon, keep an eye out for boxes when you’re at Costco or a thrift store. Packing tape and bubble wrap can get used up quickly, too, so have plenty on hand.


Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

Another task that will make the moving process easier is getting rid of things that aren’t worth moving. This might mean saying goodbye to college furniture that you haven’t had the chance to get rid of or cheap items that will only take up space. Moving is a great time to start fresh and give your new home the feel you want. This also will make the moving in process better in your new place. Once you are there and moving your things in, you will thank yourself for getting rid of the unwanted clutter.


Don’t Forget to Relax and See the Good in a Fresh Start

Remember to stay positive. Moving seems like a pain and may not feel fun while working out all the stressful kinks, but good things are coming. You get to live in a new space and start over with decorating. Once you have settled, throwing a housewarming party is a fantastic way to break in your new area and meet some new people. Invite your new neighbors and mingle. If you have kids, make sure to have some fun activities so they can meet neighborhood children. For your housewarming party, look into a ball pit rental or an inflatable throne chair rental for fun party props. Your kids will love it and make new friends with the neighbor kids or new classmates in no time.


Making the best out of your move is a way to keep your spirits up and make all the new challenges fun.

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