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Thursday Feb 22, 2024

Experience the tour of Arabian Desert in Dubai

Experience the tour of Arabian Desert in Dubai

Skyscrapers everywhere, infinite shopping malls and souks, a high-class and comfortable lifestyle can mean and be only one place: Dubai. This place promises to make your holiday a Desert safari Dubai memorable one with whatever you do. It offers you a city tour, dhow dinner cruises, shopping, Arabian nights desert safari, dune buggy, and a plethora of other activities whether you are five or fifty. Any adventure ride is synonymous with exhilaration. It is all about having that adrenaline rush when you are off-road. However, with fun comes responsibility.

In case you are looking for an exciting activity then this is Desert Safari Dubai which offers you an incredible experience of denigration of the dunes. If you are under 16 and are unable to drive a four-wheel drive vehicle with great expertise, then do not worry;

The Dubai Adventures provides desert safari Dubai Tripadvisor tour operators offer driving pleasure to you either. As you know, the behavior of the Dubai desert is unpredictable and only an experienced driver can drive a 4WD vehicle in a smooth and tensionless way here. You can sit next to him and start exploring the beauty of this vast desert. In case you have never been to the Dubai desert before that, it is important to note that only healthy and motion-free people can give it a try. Dune bashing is an off-road drive that is exactly the same with roller coasters. Your body moves up and down when the vehicle is moving over a bumpy area.

This article’s main aim is to cover how to be safe while you are up on a dune. Thus, keep these driving tips in mind and you will be good to go:

  1. The right area:

Before you start off on a random track make sure you have found a large open area. The safest place to do so would be a place which has lesser dunes and other obstacles especially if you are a beginner and don’t have much knowledge. Besides, a very dry area also could be a bad pick, because quad biking could bring in a lot of dust, thus bedimming the vision of the driver.

  1. be observant:

be observant

Dune buggies and quad bike desert safari are legal road vehicles and must be treated with a lot of precaution. Since they are low to the ground, you may perhaps be invisible to the other drivers, particularly to the ones who are around the corners. Thus, you have to be extremely careful and vigilant.

  1. Wear your seatbelts at all times:

Seatbelts are extremely important and you should wear them at all times. You are going to be going up and down on dunes at crazy angles, and you never know when you possibly will hit on the brakes. Be wise and be safe.

  1. Other safety equipment:

You may need a good, strong, well-fitting safety helmet that will be provided to you at the site itself. Additionally, also make certain that your dune buggy has a windshield to keep dust or other dangerous and risky items from hitting your eyes or face. It would be nice if you wear sunglasses too. Confirm that the buggy’s safety harness is on you fitting properly befor booking desert safari deals

  1. Have a supervisor:

You may have had a practice otherwise, but then a desert safari is a very different experience altogether. Therefore, the emphasis to have a supervisor constantly around you. What’s more, make sure that you have a flashlight with you if in case you take the evening or overnight safari.

Authors Bio:

Babu bakhshi is adventure traveler and manages desert safari camp at dream night, An extra shot of adventure awaits as you embark on our Desert Tours. Enjoy our exclusive Dubai desert safari tours to experience the thrill & flavors of Dubai deserts.

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