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Thursday Feb 22, 2024

The Most Beneficial Uses of Airline Miles

Frequent flyer programs have become increasingly common. Understandably so as they are a customer’s only way to benefit with an airline. Airline miles are accumulated or bought in an effort to bag discounts and multiple other perks. In this article, we shed light on some of the most beneficial uses of airline miles.

Redeem them on your flight

This is the most common use of miles, because normally only travelers make an effort to save them as they really want to minimize their flying expense. In fact, many people only join frequent flyer programs prior to a flight to try and bag discounts on their tickets. Normally, redeeming your miles on a flight is fruitful but you do need a certain amount to gain significant advantage. Miles redemption policies on airline tickets vary from airline to airline.

Get discounts on your hotel

A major expense of any trip is your hotel stay. Hotels cost a considerable amount of money, unless you stay somewhere shabby or it is the off season. Most airlines have partner hotels on their panel. At these partner hotels, you can bag discounts in exchange of airline miles. The more miles you have, the better the discount.

Sell Miles

As mentioned above, airline miles have become increasingly common and so has trade of these miles. Now you can buy and sell miles (use this link online before any trip. You don’t even have to be a literal frequent flyer. Since they are fairly popular, you can sell them at a great price, making significant profit. This is highly recommended when you have no other rewarding use for your hard earned miles.

Redeem on a Rental Car deal

Many tourists prefer rental cars to get around in a foreign city and for inter country transport. However they do cost an arm and a leg, especially if you need it for a longer period of time. This is why some airlines have now partnered with rental car companies as well. This helps them attract more clientele for their miles. The reward in the shape of discount on rental car is a big attraction for the program members. It is a win win situation for both, the consumer and the airline.

Online Shopping

If you have no upcoming traveling trip, you can spend your miles on online shopping at partner brands like BestBuy. Different airlines have different policies regarding this and not every program offers this perk. The programs that do have this option are more popular for obvious reasons. Miles will expire if not used on time and sometimes even their value depreciates due to change in an airline’s terms and conditions. So it is better to put them to good use as soon as possible. Keeping them accumulated without any use is discouraged by all expert travelers.

Redeem on your Restaurant Bill

A few airlines will let you redeem your points on a partner restaurant’s bill. This only applies to certain programs but is nonetheless a wonderful option.



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