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Thursday Feb 22, 2024

India: Astounding Beauty

India is a land of remarkable diversity. It has everything from ancient traditions to magnificent landscapes and from artistic heritage to culinary creations. This cultural plot of land will simply amaze you, ignite your curiosity, warm your senses while warming up your soul.

From sun-washed beaches of the south coast to gigantic icy peaks of the north mountains, the landscapes of India, are purely breath-taking. Plus, this country is abundant in term of natural beauties like dense jungles and exotic creatures. Exquisite temples from the ancient eras only add to the wonderfulness of India, and deserts and fortresses make the place even prettier. The great outdoors of India surely pleases enthusiasts as they can walk along felines on safari trips, paddle in the amazing waters, climb the top of the Himalaya or cleanse their soul in the meditative forest. What is even better is that India is made of small cities and villages and they, each, have something to offer. Delhi brings the modern life while showing the old years through buildings like Rajpath, Jama Masjid and Red Fort. In Mumbai, visitors can get a glimpse of the Bollywood lifestyle and the best of shopping! And, the wonderful Agra, welcome travellers at the iconic Taj Mahal.

In terms of architecture, we have to admit that India’s monuments, fortresses and religious sites are astounding! Travelling to India implies that you must see the wanderlust places like Taj Mahal (Agra), City Palace (Jaipur), Amber Fort (Amber), Golden Temple (Amritsar), Sun Temple (Konark), Meenakshi Amman Temple (Madurai), Brihadishawara Temple (Thanjavur) and Golconda Fort (Hyderabad). These places can be seen as the pearls of India! Want to check out the wonderful architectural designs of Indian palaces? Try playing Pearls of India Slot at Kitty Bingo! This slot game will take you into a wonderful adventure in a hidden part of India. You can try other slot games as well; they are no less of an adventure!

Oh, and how not to love India food? India takes anyone on the wildest culinary trips ever! India’s traditional food differ from places to places, but you can expect to find fry, sizzle, roast, simmer, knead and flip, in the massive repertoire of dishes. Are you a food-traveller? You can look forward to tasting an amazing collection of regional delicacies, which are cooked and presented in distinct ways. From mouth-pleasing flavours to splendid smell, nothing beats Indian food.

And when you’re travelling to India, you should not forget that nevertheless it stays a deeply rooted country. The most common characteristic of this place is its spirituality which makes it a contemporary place. The many sacred places speak of the country’s colourful and long history. The best way to discover India’s culture is by seeing the many festivals they celebrate, each year. This country is birth home of many devotional celebrations- from city parades to auspicious events.

If you ever wanted to travel to India but didn’t know where to start from, you now have few ideas. The best thing would be simply to travel there and discover India’s beauty by yourself! Let yourself be submerged by the beauty of India and enjoy every bit of it!

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