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Friday Apr 19, 2024

Today’s Brisbane Accommodation for Students Is Changing Student Lifestyle and More

Renowned real estate experts, such as Knight Frank, JLL Asia Pacific Research, and, report that the demand for Brisbane accommodation for students, as well as those in other Australian cities, will continue to grow in the coming years.

One of the main drivers for this trend is the influx of international students enrolling in the world-class universities across the country. According to reports, Australia currently ranks third as the most popular choice for those seeking to study abroad. Education is now the country’s largest service export.

More Students, More Beds

Aside from positively contributing to state and national economies, the increasing number of local and international students has also pushed the demand for student-friendly accommodation. Reports indicate that most Australia cities are still playing catch-up to supply the rising demand for bed spaces.

Luckily, there are more real estate investors and developers who are building purpose-built student accommodations or PBSAs. These housing projects are helping to supply the growing need for bed space. But they are actually doing more than just providing a place to sleep.

Improved Student Living

When you step into a PBSA, you would think you were in a state-of-the-art hotel or a plush residential block. Gone are the days when students living quarters are dingy, cramped, and poorly furnished spaces. Today’s Brisbane accommodation, such as those provided by Student One, are stylish and modern with smart designs and up-to-date technology.

Most PBSAs offer the following:

  • stylish and fully furnished interiors with modern appliances
  • kitchen essentials (pots, pans, cutlery, etc.)
  • parking space
  • strong and unlimited Wi-Fi internet connection throughout the whole building
  • central locations (near transportation, shops, restaurants)
  • security
  • 24-hour reception service
  • fully equipped and state-of-the-art gyms
  • outdoor or indoor lounge/common areas
  • shared study rooms (with individual booths for more privacy)
  • social events for residents

Student accommodation in Brisbane and other major Australian cities now provide all the modern comforts and facilities—requirements for today’s university population to have a more well-rounded lifestyle.

Changing the Face of the City

As more PBSAs are moving out of the campus and into the city centres or outer neighbourhoods, they are also bringing change to the urban landscape. Areas which used to be neglected and unfashionable are given a makeover as these professionally managed and beautifully designed buildings take the place of run-down structures.

The growing student population is keeping the Brisbane nightlife vibrant

Bringing New Life to the Local Scene

The current culture amongst students, particularly those from overseas who are used to living in very dense cities, is to stay in their rooms mainly to sleep and then spend more of their time outside. They usually dine, hang out, and socialise elsewhere. Usually, they do these in surrounding establishments and public spaces, such as cafes and parks.

In response, more local businesses are providing 24-hour or late night services and more wallet-friendly dining and shopping options to cater to the more budget-conscious but more out-and-about student crowd. They’re even updating the look of their establishments and organising new community events. As a result, there is a new vibrancy in neighbourhoods and a revitalised social scene in certain areas.

Boosting the Local Economy

More urban spots are being developed to cater to the growing population of students, as well as new residents and tourists, who are flocking to the re-invigorated cities. This is bringing in more investments and further boosting the local economy.

An article on the JLL Asia Pacific Research website reports that there is a planned integrated resort re-developmental project at the Queens Wharf in Brisbane. This will include a retail precinct, a casino, and new hotels, bars, and restaurants. The Brisbane Quarter will also be upgraded with a mixed-use development plan that will provide luxury dining options, retail areas, and hotel accommodation.

The new runway at Brisbane’s Airport means it can cater to more direct flights that can’t be accommodated in Sydney (such as those from Asia’s growing cities). This is expected to further boost local tourism and the influx of international students.

Quickly Book Your Ideal Brisbane Accommodation

Brisbane, as well as other cities in Australia, are certainly excellent choices for those wanting to go to world-class schools and live in progressive and vibrant urban areas. As these places become even more popular amongst those who want to study abroad, the need for top-quality student accommodation continues to increase. And, research shows that it will take several more years before the supply can fully satisfy the demand.

If you are enrolling at a university in Brisbane, it is wise to book your lodgings as early as possible considering the high demand and the current limited supply. Make your reservation now with Student One, your provider of premium rooms and apartments with central city addresses. Check out their cool facilities and flexible accommodation options.

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