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Thursday Feb 22, 2024

5 Tips for Packing a Cooler for your Next Camping Trip

Knowing how to pack your cooler for a camping trip is one of the most excellent survival tricks you need to master as an outdoor or adventure junkie. If you plan to go on camping trips often, especially those that last a few days, you need to learn a few hacks, including perfectly packing a cooler. The goal is to ensure the food is still cold by day three. It should remain squashed and without significant ice melts. Anyone can pack a cooler professionally with the right tips. Remember to bring two coolers, one for drinks and one for food, since space matters. The RIO Gear Stainless Steel Cooler is spacious, has rubber grips for easy carrying, and has a built-in bottle opener. 

Focus on Keeping Everything Cold

Start by having ice blocks, as these tend to last longer than ice cubes. Also, stash two or more re-freezable icepacks into the freezer 24hours before the trip. Alternatively, fill two soft-sided containers with water and freeze them flat. The containers should be three-quarters full to allow room for expansion. The other trick to keep everything cold is pre-chilling the foods and drinks before packing them. Freeze marinated meats, and only pack frozen seafood. The frozen food will also work as extra icepacks that keep everything cold for longer.

Pack Light and Fragile Items Last/ On Top

Have a systematic packing style. Ice blocks and other heavy items should go to the bottom of the cooler. Also, use containers and organizers to get everything adequately secured. For instance, you can store meats and other heavy items in boxes. Cut up fruits and put them in boxes as well. These can now go to the bottom of the cooler. Any empty spaces should be filled with ice. Loose items such as condiments like ketchup and mustard, yogurt, cheeses, and spices should be stashed in a plastic tote bag before being put inside the cooler. Finish packing the fragile items like eggs and vegetables.

Conserve Space

Only pack what is necessary. Remove excess packaging. Repack and seal some of the things you will be bringing in smaller packaging so that you can easily stash them in small spaces. Transfer some of the larger condiments in smaller sizeable containers so that you don’t have to carry the entire bottle. Peel fruits and vegetables and slice them into easy-to-store sizes for easy packing. You can find smaller containers to pack such items without compromising their quality.

Make Sure the Food is Dry and Organized

Some of the foods you will be bringing will have to be sealed tightly in plastic bags. These include cheese, meats, and eggs. These items need to stay very dry even when the ice melts. Unfortunately, they have to stay in the cooler because, like mayo and other perishables, they have to remain very cold to be safe to consume. Make sure to label everything correctly to make it easy to find.

Always Keep the Cooler in the Shade

Once you have packed the cooler correctly, your next step should be to handle it appropriately. Make sure to place the cooler under a shade at all times. The idea is to make sure the ice lasts as long as possible. Putting the cooler under a shade makes it last twice as long as it would have.

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