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Thursday Feb 22, 2024

The Best Places to Live on the East Coast

This is a big, beautiful country, and it has a lot of great places to put down roots. Some areas are idyllic and close to nature; others are bustling with people and activity. All over, states and cities are growing, adding new citizens, new jobs, new educational opportunities, and new perks like cultural centers and coffee shops. As you look for the next place to grow your career and your family, where will you focus your search?

If you’re a fan of the East Coast, look no further. We’ve rounded up some of the best and fastest-growing areas on the “Right Coast.” Here, submitted for your approval, are the best places to live on the East Coast.

Washington, D.C.

Wait a minute — we don’t mean Arlington, Virginia. We don’t mean Alexandria or Fairfax, either, and we don’t mean Bethesda, Maryland. We mean Washington, D.C. — you know, the nation’s capital?

D.C. can be pricey and busy, which is part of why the suburbs around it are so full of the suburban homes of lobbyists and political operatives. But with hip new neighborhoods popping up and more reasons than ever to live in the city proper, it’s worth taking a closer look at old Washington itself. This is a beautiful and walkable city. When you know the best bars in Shaw and the best place for coffee in Georgetown, you’ll feel more like a true Washingtonian than you ever would out in Alexandria. So take a look at Shaw or another hip D.C. neighborhood as you explore your options for your next hometown.

North Carolina

North Carolina has been growing fast for years now, and it’s not hard to see why. In fact, it’s hard to narrow things down and pick just one town or city. Asheville is an artsy and woodsy mecca for families and people of all ages, Charlotte has become the second-most important banking city in the United States (and it’s a whole lot more liveable than New York City), and the Outer Banks are home to thriving beach communities, including both year-round towns and summertime hotspots. Against this backdrop, a fast-growing real estate market makes North Carolina properties appetizing without putting them out of reach of normal folks — yet, anyway. If you see some good North Carolina land for sale, now is a good time to pounce on a property in one of the nation’s hottest and most appealing markets.

Jacksonville, Florida

Forget Miami and Tampa — Jacksonville is Florida’s hottest city right now. Jacksonville is on the Atlantic coast of Florida, but it’s no small-time beach town. Jacksonville is absolutely massive, boasting a population that verges on a million people. Yet Jacksonville rarely feels crowded. That’s probably because it’s the largest city by area in the lower 48 states — meaning that the large population is spread out over miles and miles, resulting in a low population density. Jacksonville is big enough to have lots of attractions and things to do, but it never feels overwhelming. It’s a growing city that’s a great choice for retirees and growing families alike.

Portland, Maine

Way up the East Coast, past New York City and even past Boston, you’ll find the small city of Portland, Maine — and you’ll discover one of the great gems of the East Coast. Portland is beautiful in summer and cozy in winter. It’s jam-packed with breweries, restaurants, art galleries, and other cultural attractions. It’s near to nature and countless great hiking trails, rock climbing areas, and other outdoor essentials. And it’s near enough to Boston to please big-city folk and even a few intrepid commuters. No wonder people are moving to Portland. Maybe you should, too.

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