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Thursday Feb 22, 2024

2 Week, E-Visa, 3 Month, Multiple Entry and a lot of

Vietnam isn’t as simple as alternative countries in South East Asia once it involves visas and it’s one among the costlier countries to enter. You can’t simply manifest itself at the borders empty-handed and expect a visa on arrival unless you’re on a two-week vacation.

Vietnam needs a touch forward designing for long travellers.  Please scan the data below and do your own analysis for your country. We’re as current as we will be, except for Vietnam the laws appear to alter by the hour. You’ll realize a research box below (associate degree affiliate) for what we predict could be a trustworthy visa company.

Vietnamese embassy in London

Visitors to Vietnam will visit a Vietnamese embassy to shop for their Visa or organize vietnam tour from srilanka associate degree e-visa approval on-line that they have to then turn out on arrival. we have a tendency to were equipped to go to the Vietnamese embassy in London after we discovered that employing a visa agency was really cheaper and doubtless easier.

The embassy in London would charge $100 U.S. for every three-month visa. That was considerably costlier than victimization the agency. we have a tendency to took the agency route (letter of pre-approval) for our three-month Vietnam visa and had no issues any on arrival in Vietnam as United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland passport holders.

The multiple-entry visas attract the next stamping fee

The agencies don’t really issue the visas however offer you associate degree authorization letter from the Vietnamese immigration department that permits you to receive a visa on arrival. Airlines area unit strict and won’t allow you to on the plane while not either a full visa or authorization letter, ours was checked at Heathrow. You pay a little fee to the agency to induce the letter emailed to you. The agency can apply for multiple travellers therefore once you get your letter don’t be shocked that it contains alternative people’s details like name, date of birth and passport range. you’ll kindle a personal letter with simply your details for about $10 U.S. a lot of per person.

The costs area unit unremarkably between $20 and $25 U.S. for the authorization letter. You then have to be compelled to pay the stamping fee on arrival in Vietnam wherever the particular visa is stuck into your passport. This ranges from $20 for one month to $25 for a three-month clerking visa. The multiple-entry visas attract the next stamping fee some $50. All the stamping fees have to be compelled to be paid in take advantage U.S. $.

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