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Thursday Feb 22, 2024


International tourism is a frequent occurrence in the city. The foreign tourism has been among the leading income earners in the country since it has so many to offer as attraction sites. Eiffel tower alone attracts thousands of tourists each year since it is a globally identified attraction, which many include in their bucket list. However, there is another perspective of traveling to this well-known city. Imagine spending your vacation like a local without any tourism pleasures, but with the appeal of local living. We are going to look at some of the non-touristy things you can do in Paris to engage yourself in this great city.

  1. Attempt to communicate using French.

Since you want to spend your time as a local, you should learn some French. People in France are courteous about greetings and thus you should salute whenever you seek a service using “Bonjour.” If you don’t much in French, you should just engage yourself with the locals and they will correct where necessary. In addition to that, you can learn a little French before you make your travel to the city.

  1. Explore the city on foot.

This is the best way to fully identify what the city has to offer. It would be splendid if you strolled viewing at some of the fascinating attractions around the city. This would be even more fabulous if you brought your partner along since it would be full of interactions and fun. This is also a good alternative since you’ll be able to realize small but vivacious restaurants and try what they have to offer.

  1. You can also rent a bike.

Apart from walking around this fabulous city, you can also opt for a bike which will equally be full of fun. You’ll be able to tour around the city without anybody noticing that you’re foreign, and this is a great experience. You will be able to see many things and even take pictures of the many diverse attractions that the city hosts. Furthermore, many of the things that you’ll see around the city are not found in many places around the globe.

  1. Do some shopping at Pyrenees market or Marche D’Aligre. 

These are markets that will be full of locals every single day. The Pyrenees market offers traditional food and every fruit and vegetable that you’ll yearn to try out. The place also has fresh flowers that you can gift whoever you’ll be with. D’Aligre is also an ancient market providing the best products. At this market, you’ll find some fascinating products, and you might just gift yourself one.

  1. Head to Marais for a lively Night camp.

Some of the activities that the locals love to do nightfall. You’ll find plenty of drinks that will make the experience even more fascinating. Many barrooms are offering lively experiences in Marais and thus you should select one that suits your mood and preference.

These are some of the activities that will make your stay in the city compared to that of a local. You should try them out and feel what the locals feel like in their day-to-day activities. Good luck!!

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