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Friday Apr 19, 2024

Remarkable Things You Need to Know About the Red Sea

One of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs and a place to explore life under the sea, the Red Sea should be your next destination. The sea located between Africa and Asia is full of wonders that make it a scuba diving hotspot. What’s so remarkable about the Red Sea? Here’s what you need to know:

1.     Underwater Military Museum and Shipwrecks

It’s time to go on your next adventure, a diving trip off the Gulf of Aqaba. There’s an underwater military museum that has 21 unique objects of battles there. It consists of tanks, ambulances, military cranes, and more for divers to discover.

As you dive deeper, there are plenty of historical secrets waiting to be discovered. The Red Sea is known for strange and surprising stories of shipwrecks during wartimes. These include the Kingston, SS Thistlegorm, and a lot more.

2.     Colorful Underwater Life

Home to over 1,200 species and over 44 different species of sharks, the Red Sea is a hotspot for scuba diving. About 20% of species are unique and can only be found in the Red Sea. In fact, one of the fastest fish, the solitary sailfish, lives there. All of that is due to its coral reef ecosystem that differs in beautiful colors throughout the year, which leads to its thriving biodiversity.

Diving in the Red Sea means diving with bright, colorful fish. Angelfish, butterflyfish, clownfish, and more will be coloring the water as you go around exploring the marine life. You can even see the seasonal blooms of a type of alga that covers the sea with a beautiful orange-red color.

3.     A Mysterious Name

The question of why it’s called the Red Sea has confused people throughout history. Some say it’s due to the alga bloom, others say it’s due to a red-tinged mountain nearby called Harej Edom, and some even say it’s based on an Egyptian desert that was once called ‘red land.’

4.     Another Salty Sea in Asia

Compared to other seas, the Red Sea is known to be 35% saltier than other seas. While this allows you to float, it also has some health benefits. It is believed that blood circulation improves, thanks to the saline concentration. In addition, salty sands can be used to treat skin inflammations, rheumatism, and arthritis.

5.     Jordan’s Getaway Destination

Have you ever been to Jordan? If not, then you should know that the red sea is the only sea in Jordan. That’s why it’s a getaway destination for many to relax next to the sea breeze and enjoy various water sports and activities.

Whether you’re going to explore the corals or going on a relaxing getaway, the perfect destination is right in the Middle East. All that’s left to do is book your stay in the city of your choice. If it’s in Aqaba make sure to stay at Ayla Oasis, Aqaba City, or even Tala Bay to spend an unforgettable vacation. So don’t miss out on your next diving experience and unfold the secrets of marine life.

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