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Thursday Feb 22, 2024

Lake or sea? This is the dilemma

If you have to go on vacation you will surely be taken by the Hamletic doubt that often involves many people: better the lake or the sea? It is perhaps one of the oldest and most widespread questions when it comes to choosing the destination for summer holidays. If, in fact, there are those who have always stretched out for one of the two solutions, and argue and defend with the sword, many are also undecided, attracted by both possibilities.

And how to blame him? They are two different scenarios, but they can offer a lot in terms of landscape and culture, without neglecting even fun or relaxation. So returning to the question ‘Lake or sea?’, How do you decide, especially if you found yourself imagining an enchanting place like Orta Lake, Nietzsche’s lake.


The choice is difficult to say the least, but by asking yourself what your tastes are and what you expect from a holiday you can get a satisfactory answer. The landscapes are different but both very fascinating: the sea has its horizon, sunsets with the sun that seems to throw itself into the water, wonderful beaches. But also the lake has enchanting views and, in most cases, is framed by the mountains. Precisely for this reason it is suitable for those who can hardly stand the heat and seek a little cool, perhaps in the evening hours.


The main seaside destinations in Italy, let’s face them, we find them in the South or in the islands: Sardinia, Sicily, Puglia and Calabria are the masters. As for lake destinations, the main ones are located in the north, with Lake Garda and Lake Como, as well as Lake Orta meeting the main preferences. It must also be said that the sea can often be more chaotic, while the lake still gives a sense of relaxation (although in peak periods it can still be very crowded) which can have excellent effects if your children are easily irritable.


There are many activities that can be done in the mountains: trekking, hiking, horseback riding, while at the sea obviously water sports are the most popular ones. In short: to the initial question that gave rise to the whole speech we can conclude by saying that it is all a question of the heart. Always keep in mind that both offer a lot, the choice is strictly personal and can only be influenced by the needs of the moment.

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