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Thursday Feb 22, 2024

How to Have a Great Value Experience Visiting Maui

For those looking for a dreamy escape choosing Maui, Hawaii as your destination can be a top pick. Once you get over the initial hump of simply getting to the island, everything is easier because it’s all right there. Maui beachfront rentals are some of the best in the world and who wouldn’t love that soft sand right at their door step.

At about 727 square miles, Maui is the second largest Hawaiian island and the 17th largest island in the United States. Out of the Hawaiian Islands it ranks as the third highest in population. Maui has a diverse landscape, geology, topography and climate making it an interesting island and great choice to visit. It is also a leading whale watching destination as well as on the north eastern side of the island, rainforests in the flanks of Haleakala.


Maui can make for a great island choice for families, individuals and there are plenty of options if you are looking to go easy on your wallet or splurge. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling on how to spend your time on Maui.


Go to the Swap Meet

With an entrance fee of only $0.50 USD inclusive of free re-entry and free parking, The Maui Swap Meet might be one of the best deals on the island. It is open every Saturday at the University of Hawaiian Kalului from 7 am until 1 pm. Over 200 venders show up to sell fresh produce, arts and crafts, soaps, shaved ice, homemade soaps and even massages. If you want to fit in like the locals, make sure you bring your own bags, a big bottle of water and cash. You can easily spend a few hours pursuing all the different items on offer. Often times bartering is accepted and to increase your chances of scoring a deal, try to go to the venders further away from the entrance. If you can’t make the Swap Meet, there is a farmers market happening somewhere on island every day.


Dip in and Snorkel

Hanging out on the beach, swimming, wading around in tide pools is one way to spend a super low cost day. If you add in a snorkel you can be set for hours. Competition brings some snorkel rentals down to as low as $1.50 a day. Go a step further and for around $20 you can buy your own snorkel set and go out for as long as you want on multiple days. If you do get your own snorkel, just make sure you get a dry snorkel so that it will keep the water from going down your snorkel if you dive down. Some favorite spots for swimming and snorkeling are Ho’ikipa Beach Park, Honolua Bay, Kapalua Bay, Kama’ole Beach Parks, Ulua Beach and Black Rock in Kaahapali Beach. Always remember to minimize your impact and never step on or touch the coral. Not only does it take decades for coral to grow, those beautiful and bright colored corals are razor sharp and cause infections super easy. Also try to wear a natural zinc based sunscreen to protect both yourself and the ecosystem.


Rent Awesome Digs

If you are going all the way to Hawaii and are planning to save in some areas why not have a little splurge in others? Maui has no shortage of awesome properties to choose from. Many travelers are now realizing the benefits of moving away from traditional hotel bookings and instead finding the benefits of renting a house or villa. Especially if you are traveling as a group or with a family, splitting the cost of rentals like this still give you all the comforts of home yet the touch of luxury to remind you that you are on vacation. One of the upsides to finding a place right on the beach is if you truly just want a place to rest and recoup from your busy working life, this option will allow you the best of both worlds to be able to walk right out your door and still have all your creature comforts right at your fingertips.


Eat at the Food Trucks

Long before food trucks were ‘a thing’ on the main land, food trucks were and are a normal part of everyday life on Maui. Whatever level of culinary fare is your preference, make sure you try at least one food truck during your time on the island. You can find everything from Mexican, BBQ, Hawaiian, gourmet grilled cheese, wood fired pizzas and just about any other ethnic cuisine you can think of. Many of these food trucks do offer some sort of seating area so you can really enjoy the food. Some of the food trucks pay a monthly rent to stay at the same spot while others travel around to things like the Friday night town parties or the Maui Swap Meet. One of the cheapest eats on offer from the food trucks comes from Horhito’s Shrimp Tacos in Kihei next to the triangle. They offer $2 tacos! Other favorites include Kinaole Grill in Khei, Big Beach BBQ in Makena Beach State Park and Kinaole Grill in Khei. For usually $10 and under you can get awesome food that is half the price of going to a formal sit down restaurant, although higher priced items are typically on the menu too should you feel a little more indulgent.


So if you are looking for something to day dream about and get you through your work days, let the imagery of life on the beach of Maui get you through the day. Happy planning.

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