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Thursday Feb 22, 2024

How to Find Coupons and Discount for First Class Flight

Do you ever wonder how it must feel to fly first class? Think about a few passengers, spacious leg room, comfortable seats, and mouthwatering dishes; just to name a few. If you ask most people about what it takes to fly this way, the answer they’ll give will be – lots of money. But, does this mean that you have to break the bank just for a comfortable flight? Fortunately, the answer is no. All you need is a first class coupon or discount deal. These deals are out there but they are not easy to find. You have to apply a few tricks. Here are some of them:

  1. Just Ask the Airline

Sometimes, all you need to do to fly first class on a budget is to ask the airline about the availability of first-class coupons and discount offers. This saves you a lot of struggle. If there are no such deals at the time of asking, you can inquire when they’ll be available. It’s also a good idea to ask them to notify you when such deals come up. For example, Korean airlines closed most of the routes of first-class flights but there are some destinations where you can fly first class and you can find coupons for it.

  1. Sign Up for Airline Newsletters

Nowadays, the quickest way to know about first class flight deals as soon as they are unveiled is through airline newsletters. So, you should sign up. In fact, you should subscribe for newsletters from different airlines so as to improve your chances of landing first flight deals.

  1. Pay for Flight Deal Alerts

The other alternative to airline newsletters is deal alerts. Unlike the newsletter that gives you all flight promos, you only get information on discount first class flight tickets when you sign up for deal alerts. However, you have to pay for the notifications. A good site to visit for the sign up is You can also try

  1. Join the Elite Group

When you fly with a specific airline regularly, you belong to a special group of passengers called ‘the elite clients’. If at any time the price of first-class flight drops, you’ll be among the first passengers to be considered. This is in the event that some first class seats are not booked. It happens mostly during low seasons.

  1. Befriend Booking Agents

Flight booking agents normally work closely with airlines. They usually have access to first class coupons and discount deals. So, it’s wise to befriend them. Once in a while, even when you are not traveling, try to contact them to inquire about first class flight deals. You can also ask them to inform you when such deals are made available.

  1. Upgrade Via Credit Card

Top airlines usually have themed/branded credit card programs which allow you to earn miles that can be converted into ticket upgrades. So, the more you travel with the airline, the more miles you get on your credit card and the likelier you are to get an upgrade to first class.

Generally, first-class flights are the height of commercial flying. So, getting the opportunity to fly alongside dignitaries is always an exciting feeling. And as seen, you don’t have to pay a fortune for this opportunity. All you need are coupons or discount deals for first-class flight. You can start searching for them using the above tricks.

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