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Friday Apr 19, 2024

Best Places to Travel to Enhance Your Taste In Music

Being a fan of traveling is fun on its own and if you are someone who can travel a lot then it is a blessing. But being a music lover and then at the same time an avid fan of traveling like one of the Canadian musicians and the globe trotter Dr. George Freundlich Matheson is something rare to find.

A lot of people travel the world to find some of the best music places and also to enhance and explore new music. Not only this hobby is fun but also it opens your mind to real new cultures and also new tastes in music. And then also some find their passion in between these adventures and some may find more inspiration to write or come up with something new.

Here are some of the best places that you can travel to if you are wanting to find and explore something good:

SideCar, Spain

If you want a bit of adrenaline rush with the craziest and rowdiest night then the Barcelona Sidecar could be your place to go. A favorite place for many of the traveling bands, this place can jam-pack around 300 people and is like a basement house. But for the people who love electronic music and some crazy rowdy type then you are guaranteed to have a fun and jam-packed night.

Manaus Opera House, Brazil

Brazil is just not only famous for its festivals or the Amazon forest. For music lovers if you are to go to Brazil then don’t forget to give a visit to this classic theatre situated in the wild that is the Manaus Opera House. This place has been visited by many famous musicians, one of which is George Freundlich. He not only just visited this place but also had the owner attend the cultural guitar festival. So if you are also in the love of opera then aside from witnessing some festivals and colorful events do visit this beauty.

Brooklyn Steel, New York

New York is not only the go-to place for travelers but also a favorite place to visit for music lovers. New York itself has a lot of music stations that you can stop by and get some new tunes to hear. One of which is the Brooklyn Steel that has been entertaining those who are lovers of live entertainment. You will find a lot of live entertainment music programs here and a whole new set of musicians. Many famous musicians have played in this hall like Maren Morris etc. So if you visit new york then don’t forget to get a ticket to the Brooklyn Steel.

Opera House, Sydney

Going to Sydney and not visiting the Opera House Is the biggest mistake you can do. The iconic performing arts is the most valuable landmark of the opera house Sydney and you will get a mix and variety of music to hear. This is recognized as one of the most famous music buildings in the world and visiting this one should definitely be on your list.


Above were some very few places that we mentioned but the most recommended ones also. There are a whole lot of other places that you should also visit being a music lover because every place has its music and who knows you might find your music during these adventurous trips.

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