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Friday Apr 19, 2024

A Beginners Guide To Start Bike Riding

So, you’ve decided that you will get a new hobby; bike riding. Bike riding may seem easy and fun but the deeper you dig into it the more challenging it gets. You will always find yourself questioning: “Am I doing it right?”. Don’t worry about it because here is a beginner’s guide to start bike riding.

Right Bike For You

You will need a good bike to start bike riding like Richard Nahas Ottawa chooses. There are thousands of guides available on the web that claim to choose the right bike for you. A good bike not only ensures a great bike riding experience but is also what keeps you going. One can admit that bike riding can get boring if you don’t like your bike. You will be spending quite a lot of time with your bike. People will be looking at you riding it. So, it’s essential to not only choose a good-looking bike but also the one that suits your usage and posture.

Choosing a bike is just like choosing a pair of shoes. You will not enjoy riding it unless you enjoy standing next to it or looking at it. You need to choose the perfect size for you so you can tirelessly ride your bicycle with great posture. Any local bike shop can guide you to a basic level bicycle for your everyday adventures. If you find a perfect sized great-looking bicycle in your budget, you’re good to go.

Riding Style

It may sound flashy but every person has his/her riding style. Some enjoy non-competitive solo rides while some enjoy riding with a bike group. Some enjoy fast-paced bike rides while some enjoy slow adventure-seeking rides. It’s all about the taste of the rider. You have to seek your riding style before making it a permanent hobby otherwise you’ll be bored in no time. Try every riding style, spend more time on the saddle and you will find the style you’re most comfortable in. Riding styles matter a lot when it comes to regular cycling as it keeps a person interested in bike riding and also prevents riding burnouts.

Collect Your Gear

Collecting your gear is a simple yet difficult thing to do. Every experienced bike rider has his/her preferences for the bike gear. You don’t want to be carrying around a bag or something while bike riding so you have to choose your gear carefully.

Some of the basic bike gear include water bottles, leather pedals, gloves, helmets, shoulder pads, etc. You can install several metal stands on your bicycle to keep this gear with you, but it affects the sleek looks of your bicycle. Good bike riders like Richard Nahas Ottawa should always take all the gears with them. Another way is to keep a small bag with you if you feel comfortable with it. At this point, the choice is up to you. You should go for the method that suits your riding style the most.


By following these three guide steps you can start bike riding at a basic level. Like any other field in life, as you dive more and more into it you see advanced aspects of it. But at a basic level, this guide is enough to get you to start bike riding.

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