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Thursday Feb 22, 2024


Miami is one of the best places in the entire world to vacation, and because of this, it is also one of the best places in the world to own a yacht. While the dream of owning a yacht in Miami is a lot of fun – and more of a reality than a lot of people may think – there are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing. The following are some tips for getting a new or used yacht in Miami.

Set a Budget

The first tip is to set out a strong budget. Yachts can be a large investment and the costs associated with them can pile up quickly. So, it is vital that you start out your yacht buying adventure with a strong budget that accounts for everything.

Picking a Yacht

Strolling the shores of Miami may seem like a buffet of yachts to choose from, but setting out your budget and developing a priority list of features and amenities will help you narrow down a list of yachts that are perfect for you. Different types of yachts include cruisers, mega yachts, superyachts, and sailing yachts.

Engine Information

Make sure that when you are looking at yachts to purchase you are doing a full inspection of the engine. Keep an eye out for oil, plugs, and any strange sounds. If this is an area that you are not comfortable in, you should make sure you bring someone who is an expert to help you do this inspection.

Inspect the Interiors

When you know what you will want to use the yacht for, you can do an inspection of the interior and make sure that it is actually suitable for what you want to do with it. Affordable is one thing, but only if it will actually be useful for you. Some used yachts can have worn down interiors and you will want to make sure it won’t cost you more to replace immediately after purchase.

Make Sure You’re Educated

Do the research. This is important when it comes to buying a new or used yacht. It is better to have a full understanding of what you are going to be getting into rather than slowly discover things after purchase. You should know what equipment, etc. will come with the yacht at purchase, what crew is needed, etc.

This article was written by Ed Massey, President of Massey Yacht sales and service. Massey Yacht Sales & Service has continuously been in the yacht sales and outfitting business since 1986. At Massey, customer satisfaction has been and will remain our most important measure of success. If you are looking for yacht brokers in Florida then click here to learn more!

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